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Open Forms and Electroacoustic Music 
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The Project team

Photo of Doctor John DackDr John Dack (project director)
Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts, Middlesex University
Senior Research Fellow
Photo of Doctor Pascal DecroupetDr Pascal Decroupet
Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis
Photo of Doctor Craig AyreyDr Craig Ayrey
Goldsmiths College, London


Each participant has a clearly defined role within the project, stemming from his particular research area. However it is inevitable and desirable that these individual investigations will be mutually supportive and provide corroborative evidence.

Dr John Dack acts as the project co-ordinator and will be involved with the organization of the web site, seminar and symposium. He will concentrate on analysing the relationship between analogue and digital media, their practices, technical differences and the musical consequences and is also mainly responsible for facilitating the realisation of new versions of Scambi.

Dr Craig Ayrey will be responsible for the analytical and critical investigation of ‘open’ forms in Scambi and related works. As the project progresses various types of ‘open’ form in music will be analysed and evaluated. By applying these findings to both electroacoustic and instrumental musics Dr Ayrey will clarify the relationship between these genres and their use of ‘open’ forms.

Dr Pascal Decroupet has already conducted extensive research on aspects of Pousseur’s musical language and is an expert on the development of serial thought in the post-war years in Europe. The connection between electroacoustic music and serialism is well-established and Dr Decroupet will contextualise Scambi within Pousseur’s oeuvre and the music of the 1950s. In addition, he will present the results of investigations he has made of any available sketches and the genesis of the composition’s early materials.

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