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Listen to Scambi

Regarding these new versions, Prof. Henri Pousseur kindly wrote:

“ (...) j’ai enfin écouté les trois versions de Scambi, et j’en suis enchanté. (...) Elles sont en tout cas très démonstratives toutes les trois et m’ont encore beaucoup appris sur les possibilités de ce matériau.”

(personal communciation with J.Dack 14/04/2006)

“ (…) I have finally listened to the three versions of Scambi and I am delighted with them. (…) In any case, all three are very expressive and they taught me a lot about the possibilities of this material.”

(translation by J.Dack 20/07/2006)

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7min 48sec

‘Scambi - Sulle Orme’ by Rudy Ceccato. Rudy is a Sonic Arts graduate from Italy and is currently continuing his studies in New York. Rudy's subtitle: 'Sulle Orme' means 'In the Footprints'.
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5min 24sec

‘Scambi’ by André Castro. André is a Portuguese composer and sound artist. He is a third-year student on the Sonic Arts programme.

[please note: this piece starts very quietly]

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8min 26sec
‘Scambi’ by Robin Fencott and Simon Harris. This is a collaborative effort by two second-year Sonic Arts students.


André Castro, Robin Fencott and Simon Harris have all studied at the Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts, Middlesex University.

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