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Events of the Scambi Project

See ‘Documents’ for any downloadable papers from these events.




Dr John Dack presented a paper in August 2004 entitled ‘The "open form" in the arts: music, literature, visual art’ at the symposium: ‘Systems Research in the Arts’ which was organised by ‘The International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics’ in Baden-Baden, Germany. This paper focussed on the music of Pousseur with particular reference to Scambi.

3 Dec

Seminar at Middlesex University's Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts. Dr Decroupet explained Scambi’s realization and its context within Pousseur’s output such as the work for piano ‘Caractères Ib’ (1961).

18 Feb

Symposium at Goldsmiths College, University of London. The initial research findings gained in the stages of realisation and related historical/ musicological issues were presented. Henri Pousseur attended and gave a presentation. Prof. Pousseur also diffused his works ‘Scambi’, ‘Hymne à Zeus Ornithologue’ and ‘Caraïbes Asiatocéaniennes’.

1 Mar

This website online at Middlesex University's Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts.


New material added to Pousseur biography on this site; new catalogue of works.



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